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Demachena are a young trio of musicians who have produced a distinctive blend of African, Arabic and Latin music while incorporating a host of other unique styles, producing a truly intriguing concoction of "World Music".

The name of the group means "black and white" a name derived from the Shona people whose Mbira tradition has been a major influence on the bands own music and performance style. Having also spent significant periods in the Sahara desert, Mali and India filming documentaries on regional culture and traditional music, the exquisite influences from these regions are evident in their music.

The trio comprises of:

Luis Gimenez

Luis Gimenez

Ethnomusicologist, composer, ‘Gwenyambira’ (Master Mbira player) and Spanish guitar maestro.

Antonio Prats

Antonio Prats

Formerly of La Negra, Antonio is an electrifying percussionist and co-founder of the illustrious Spanish-based percussive orchestra ‘Batukm Takada’ & RźgarŽ - accomplished instrumentalist and vocalist.

Rugare Musikavanhu

Rugare Musikavanhu

Mbira, Guitar, Banjo and Didgeridoo player and vocalist.

Demachena's dynamic performances are a fascinating musical journey from Flamenco to Central African Katanga styles complimented by the mastery of rare ethnic (mbira, didgeridoo, udu, ngoni...) and contemporary instruments and punctuated by lyrics in an array of languages producing what is a truly incomparable, captivating and exhilarating show.


Mbira: Stella Chiwese. Linos Wengara. Chartwell Dutiro. Ephat Mujuru. Permanent Rustics. Cosmas Magaya. Mhuri Yekwa Rwizi
Others: Thomas Mapfumo. Oliver Mutukudzi. Tinariwen. Nayim Alal. Mariem Hassan. Gil Scot Heron. Ali Farka Toure. Remy Ongala. Hadir. Ketama.

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